arrect2cropAmerica’s Respect Revolution is a grass roots campaign to create a culture of respect and re-brand America !
How do we do it ? Crowd Funding revenue will be used to hire speakers to visit schools, businesses and organization to have a fun training on personal branding and discussion of how to change a culture. Each training is video taped and will be used our documentary.
How will we engage communities? Our Ignite Your Revolution events will be fun fashion shows with bands and speakers who engage people in planning for their success. Success Coaches will be on hand to help people create a strategy for success. As people focus on success they begin to respect themselves and others. America’s Respect Revolution will create a documentary that Ignites a Respect Revolution !
The 45 minute documentary will show the reality of American Culture and show how the America’s Respect Revolution campaign has changed behavior through personal branding and success coaching. The documentary will make you laugh, cry and motivate you to become the success you were destined to be! True success is only possible through respect of self and respect of others.

A campaign to change culture and help Americans respect themselves and respect everyone…everyday. We believe you cannot have success without respect!!!

America’s Respect Revolution, Success= Respect 365 is a campaign to create RESPECT every day. This movement is focused on Americans respecting themselves and respecting everyone around them. The founders of this movement is Katherine Miracle, Internal Marketing and Personal Branding Expert.

This campaign is a grass roots effort that is inclusive and asks every American to voice their support for RESPECT 365. Our goal is to change behavior and culture through the voices and ideas on ways to show respect. The founders of this campaign believe that Success= Respect 365. Respect grows teamwork, stops bullying and spreads positive behavior.

The founders have created a 30 day challenge to put action to this campaign. Show your RESPECT by taking this challenge and liking our webpage. We have our wall open for your comments and ideas on how to change our culture.

America’s Respect Revolution is not a political or government project. The founders want the voice of the people to grow this campaign as we Re Brand America!!!

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